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Laser surgery in progress... Watch your eyes!-----* but not your wallet. We don't charge extra to do things the way we believe they should be done. Ask us about our surgical suite and the options available to ensure the best care for your pet, including appropriate use of our CO2 Laser! Now available at both locations!!!!!

  Dr. Will has finished both basic and advanced laser surgery courses at Ohio State Veterinary College!!! We've now have two 30 watt laser!!! Now that's HOT!!!

Voted the # 1 Animal Hospital(s) in Anderson County in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and again in 2015!?!

We continue to be honored and humbled by this recognition from the people of Anderson County. We hope that our off years represent another great medical facility doing awesome rather than ours letting the community down. Either way, we're speechless that we would be recognized again this last year! Our team of animal health professionals takes our responsibility to provide cutting edge medical care for your pets very seriously. Our commitment is to couple big time medical advances with down home service and creative solutions to meet each family's needs. We are Blessed to have such wonderful clients who have entrusted us with being a part of their pets' health care. We look forward as a family to many more years of service to your animals.

TTA surgical option at Anderson County Animal Hospital has been awesome for many dogs!!!

Update! 2014 Masters Level Training for TTA!!

Update! 2015 Training in MMP TTA procedure!!!

We are proud members of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce! Both clinics support our Chamber and we are excited to have this opportunity to partner with so many other fine Anderson County businesses in this fashion.
We are members of the Veterinary Surgical Laser Society with "Dr. Will" having achieved status as a "Fellow"
Dr. Will is a volunteer Search & Rescue Ground Team Leader with the Civil Air Patrol. He and his older children spend a great deal of time training with FEMA, TEMA, and the Civil Air Patrol to aid in Search & Rescue and Disaster Relief missions. Dr. Will is also very active in the cadet program which provides Leadership, Moral Development, Physical Fitness, and Aerospace training to young men and women aged 12 through 18. To Learn more, please visit