Why we do what we do!

The Anderson County Animal Hospital(s) were born on 10 October 2006, at least in its legal LLC form. It actually represents the continuation of a tradition of high quality, compassionate animal medicine started in the summer of 1998. Since then the doctors and staff have changed a bit, but the same attitude of devoted care at country prices persists. We are a rural practice with a relaxed attitude. We do not, however, take a relaxed attitude toward medicine. We keep a clean facility and an advanced surgical suite allowing full service health care for your animals.

In 2008 we opened a satelite clinic in the Norris area, directly across from the Appalachian Museum. We continue to grow this location and have moved into a bigger facility with beautiful surgery, two exam rooms, and we have added indoor outdoor runs to allow comfortable boarding while you're away. Our Norris hospital is open 6 days a week (half days on Wed and Sat) and has a 30 watt laser for enhanced surgical options as well as x-rays with automatic processor. This now provides a related full service option in East Anderson County!

Our clinic motto is : We love their (your) pets as if they were our pets
Our medical philosophy/ mission statement is : We endeavor to provide the best quality health care for all our clients through the application of advanced surgical and medical techniques, modern medicines, and thoughtful treatment protocols, and above all through the use of our understanding of the art of veterinary medicine. We are not dedicated to unnecessary medical testing or over treatment. We are dedicated to using our intellect and resources to help families:

firstly keep their animals healthy through the efficient and proper use of preventive medicines including vaccines, parasite prevention, and diet and

secondly to cure disease or correct injury within the budgets provided us. We want always to have successful treatments and are dedicated to the continued study of our medical discipline for the benefit of your animals. We also, however, commit to be creative and flexible within reason so we can still effect cures, even when corners must be cut. We believe all animals deserve a healthy life full of love and companionship, and embrace the different ways people can or are willing to accomplish this in their pets' lives.

We want to be your pet's choice for health care.