Meet the staff who will fall in love with your pets!

The staff at the Anderson County Animal Hospital are devoted to loving your pets. It isn't always the cleanest job. One definitely needs to take a shower before going out to dinner or church. We wash our hands constantly, and often wear aromas home that should make people thankful we're not sharing mass transit with them. Despite this, we love animals, and we truly love people who love animals. We'd prefer to snuggle kittens and puppies and to wrestle with healthy pets, but we are dedicated to also help unravel the health mysteries that surround ill pets, and to put our resources toward solving the problems.
The staff currently is composed of 3 1/2 veterinarians (yes, she's a whole veterinarian but she works part time), 1 LVT's (Licensed Veterinary Technicians), two office manager/technicians, and four veterinary tech/assistants/kennel workers who are invaluable to the daily operation of the hospital.
Melissa Wilson, D.V.M. is the senior veterinarian at Anderson County Animal Hospital. A 2001 graduate of the University of Tennessee, Dr. Wilson began her career with the hospital in the summer of 2001 following graduation. She has been a faithful part of the core of the hospital and shown herself to be both technically excellent in surgery and medicine, and a caring and concerned animal enthusiast. More information about Dr. Wilson and her passion for Russell Terriers can be gleaned at her personal web site!
"Dr. Will" Roberts joined the staff about one month after Dr. Wilson in 2001. He came with the hopes of being a permanant part of the Hospital team after not finding a desirable opportunity available at the clinic he served in Knoxville. Previous to this he was a partner in a clinic in Richmond Michigan, but left that life to come home to East TN to be closer to his family. He graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994 as the top graduate. (curriculum vitae) His love of the mysteries of medicine is most evident when in surgery, especially when doing advanced surgeries with or without the Laser. He currently has 11 children. He left soccer to his children after ~ 30 years of playing, and took up Ice Hockey in Knoxville. After 5 seasons he decided to rein in some of his extra-curriculars and has focused on Civil Air Patrol, serving as the Deputy Commander for Cadets at Knox Comp 1 and a Ground Team Leader for the State of TN. He loves paint ball and air soft wars on his mountain farm Feel free to learn more at his family web site,
"Dr. Tara" Roberts may be the newest veterinarian on staff, but has been part of the family for years. She has kept up with the clinic through Dr. Will while she has worked full time at home with the family. Now she's pulling some shifts and adding another mind directly into the medical and surgical thought processes of the Anderson County Animal Hospital(s). She graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994 mere seconds before Dr. Will (T comes before W) and has been practicing small animal medicine and surgery since. is her home web site if you want to learn more!
In the summer of 2009, the Anderson County Animal Hospital was blessed to score huge with the addition of Dr. Kristy Ensley. Dr. Ensley came fresh from completing an internship in Chicago after graduating from the University of Tennessee
College of Veterinary Medicine in the spring of 2008. She has fit in wonderfully to our family style practice and will provide another excellent mind toward preventing and solving problems with your animal's health. She is working hard training her Holsteiner Horse "Darius" in dressage during her off time and is becoming accomplished in both laser and orthopedic procedures. We are so glad to have Dr. Ensley as part of our hospital team.