It is, after all, the practice of veterinary MEDICINE. We are comitted to continued education and study of the various diseases and treatment options available to your pets. We are familiar enough with the drugs available that we can often tailor fit medical choices to work with different unique situations. Further, we encourage your participation. We are not offended if you bring in internet articles or information from other sources that may help us help your pet. We know that animals are important members of families, often without insurance to allow the exhaustive type of diagnostic evaluations and medical care that a human might get. But undertaking the search for answers and even more so, solutions, is our business, and we love it!

Radiographs/OFA Films:

We have excellent x-ray equipment and can take a full range of images for a whole slew of medical and physical problems. We are glad to share those pictures with you, explaining what we see, and often as importantly, what we DON'T see. We use barium and liquid iodine for contrast radiography to evaluate GI motility, urinary issues, and to search for those elusive foreign bodies which are invisible on x-rays. We also are one of the few clinics in the region who almost NEVER use sedation for OFA x-rays, and have an excellent acceptance rate with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. From Rottweiler to Russell Terrier, we take the time to try to relax your pet so that we can take OFA quality x-rays without the added expense, stress, or complications of sedation/anesthesia. If your dog requires sedation, it'll be one of less than 5 in the last 17 years. (At this point, probably the third total).


X-rays give 2 dimentional images of 3 dimentional things, without much surface detail. This can be a hinderance if the problem is dealing with the linings of the stomach, esophagus, bronchi, or colon. Endoscopes not only let us retrieve things from the "pipes" of animals, they allow us to take color pictures and biopsies to help make diagnosis without cutting your pet open.

Our in-house laboratory:

There are times when speed is of the essence and decisions must be made based on the situation NOW, not the situation yesterday. We are able to do in house testing of most all metabolic parameters, as well as testing for a variety of specific diseases (parvo, heartworm, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, intestinal parasites). Having reliable numbers upon which to base diagnosis, treatment decisions, and monitor recovery is essential, and we often can have results while you wait, so decisions take a matter of minutes rather than hours or days.

There are other times when a thorough, exhaustive approach to diagnostics allows greater precision and offers more detail than a single veterinary laboratory can offer. Antech allows us to test for obscure diseases, run specialized tests on organ function, and get pathological information on tumors. This fantastic lab has earned our trust, and provides rapid results for excellent prices. When more is more important than speed, or when looking for the zebras in medicine, we pull out the big guns and allow the myriad choices and detailed tests available from Antech to help us find out what's troubling your pet.


When the rubber hits the road, we want our animals' health problems to be something that a tincture of time will heal. We don't discount that the miraculous healing ability of our pets is of prime help in the recovery from most injury and disease. The next hope is that we can speed/help the recovery with the use of drugs. We use medicine either to help control symptoms that prolong and complicate sickness (fluid losses from vomiting and diarrhea or pain from an injury) or to attack the agents of disease themselves (antibiotics and antiparasitic drugs). Other times drugs are necessary not only to improve patient well-being, but to maintain it. Chronic illnesses much like ulcerative colitis and rhumatoid arthritis and psoriasis are all seen in their own animal varient, and require ongoing therapy to control or manage. New drugs are released each year and human drugs often have applications in animal medicine as well. We keep a pharmacy stocked with the most common and life saving drugs used in animals on a regular basis, and can order or prescribe most anything else, including chemotherapy drugs for times when fighting cancer rather than submitting is the right decision for a particular family.